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Alphabet Community Center Services

  • Facilitate weekly support group meetings offering a group therapy model of support for Trans Youth identified and questioning individuals 12 to 20 every Thursday at London Public Library Downtown 6-8pm in the Tonda Room.

Adult support we recommend Family Services London's Group

  • Provide referrals to health care professionals, housing and shelter support as well as other service requirements.
  • Patient Advocate; accompanying individuals to medical, psychiatric, legal and other appointments where power imbalances and systemic discrimination causes distress or difficulties in obtaining proper care.
  • Education and training on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans issues as well as Ability/Disability including Mental Health.
  • Partnering on relevant research projects that have impact on the health and well being of our target groups.
  • Provides employment programs, and giving on the job training and support through our bi-weekly radio show.
  • Between the Margins radio show on CHRW radio is a show about Human Rights and "Peoples pursuit of Happily Ever After". Michelle Boyce hosts the show with various members of the community providing co-hosting, on-air commentary, research and show production. Provides real resume references for a community where losing job history due to name and identity changes is commonplace.


Email: info@acclondon.ca

Call/txt: 519-765-5000 24/7

Donations of $20 saves a life with gas for a wellness check, $100 pays for the crisis line for a month, and $150 pays for a youth's name change! We receive no government funding so every dollar you can help with saves lives.
Thank you!

Everything about Hormones <more>

Religious parents story of their child coming out as Trans
2011 Pillar Innovation Awards Finalist

Video discribing the work we do at Alphabet Community Centre for the City of London and SW Ontario.

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Order your copy of "Understanding Trans" proceeds to support ACC.
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Providing competent, consistant training on Human Rights, Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, and Dis/Ability

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