a place to learn, a place to grow


Not for profit
Board of Directors


Monika Chestnut - President

Janine Douglas - Secretary

J.R. Caughlin

Adam Prince

Kim Gautreau


Michelle Boyce - Executive Director

Jessica Boyce - Coordinator



Mission Statement

To foster a safe and secure environment where people can address their needs, and move forward at a pace that is right and comfortable for the individual.



We believe each individual is the expert on their individual needs, timeline, and services required.


We believe counselling is effective and useful only if the individual wants or desires it.


We believe the less disruption in a persons life is the best course of action.


We believe if you are old enough to ask the question you are old enough for the answer. We never decieve or lie to our clients.


We work in a harm reduction model of care, based on the social determinants of health.


We recognize both experience and acadamia as credentials. All of our people have extensive experience, education, and experience. All of our staff, and volunteers actively persue extensive continued education.


Alphabet Community Centre