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Understanding Trans DVD

The DVD "Understanding Trans" is a live recorded presentation given at Mohawk College in 2011. It is 45 minutes in length and gives a basic framework to providing service to the Trans community. Topics covered include:

The story of one Trans person
Breaking down the binary: Men are from Mars, Women Venus

Suicide, Erasure, and isolation
Intake, assumptions and STDs
Ask the Right Questions
Charting and documenting your client/patient


The DVD can be ordered by sending a donation of $40 or more to:

Alphabet Community Centre

205 - 587 Talbot St.

London, Ontario, N6A 2T2

Please include that you are requesting a copy of "Understanding Trans" along with your return address and contact information. If you would like to be added to our occasional broadcast email list please provide your email address.


"I am a student at the Social Service Worker program in Mohawk College.  I was realy moved with your presentation today.  It was an eye opener for me. As you can see from my name I am not a white Canadian. I am originally from the Middle East. Approaching the subject of Transsexuality is out of question for me, cultuarly and religeously. But what you said today was like a slap in my face that waked me up to a new fact about transsexuality. "

 "I had the pleasure of hearing you speak today at the College. I think that your talks should be mandatory for anyone who works with the public, in any capacity, but particularly in education. "

"I just listened to a presentation by Michelle Boyce. I just wanted to say that Michelle is Unbelievable! She was fanatstic. The presentation was professional and poignant. I feel blessed to have had an opportunity to attend."

"GOD!!!! You were incredible today! I have received so much wonderful feedback about your presentation. THANK YOU SO MUCH! You are an absolute expert on your subject matter and you are very efficient and informative. The passion you emit is what I loved the most."

Alphabet Community Centre