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Trans Health in London, FAQ


I feel suicidal and I am trying to harm myself:
Call 911 Immediately and tell the operator you are attempting suicide.  When help is on the way call or text 519-765-5000 and we will have someone meet to be with you.  You are not alone.


I feel suicidal:
Call or text 519-765-5000, and we can talk.  Completely open and safe place to call without identifying yourself if you wish to remain anonymous.


I think I may be Trans, Transgendered, Transsexual, Cross Dresser, Transvestite, or any other feeling where maybe your body and felt gender don’t always match:
Come out to the support group, or call/email/text us and we can meet for coffee.  Not all people who contact us are trans and that is ok.   Alphabet creates a space where you can figure things out for yourself in a safe, supportive environment.  Friends we have met at group last a lifetime, regardless of labels.


I’m too old or too young:
You are never too old or young to discover yourself.  Life is a transition and we are always changing in large or small ways.  If you are old enough to ask the questions, you are old enough to get the answers.  If you are still breathing, you are young enough to ask.  Sometimes you can’t do anything about your situation, and that is troubling to you.  Group is a place that you can come and for a moment be yourself, until you go back into society and obligations.  You know your situation, and you will receive nothing but support in your life choices.  Sometimes these are difficult decisions to live with, and group is here to support you through them.


How do I get on Hormones:
Hormone therapy is fairly easily obtained.  Our partner medical practitioners believe in an informed consent model of care.  Meaning, if you are capable of understanding your decision to go on hormones they are available to you. Each individual transition is that, individual and timing is up to you when it is right to begin transition.


When does my employer or doctor have to use my new name:
The moment you decide your new name is appropriate your service providers and employer are obligated by law to use your new name.  Sometimes there are computer issues that require files to remain in your old name until conditions are satisfied.  For example your doctor has to have the name on your health card in their system for the billing system to work.  That does not mean they can call out your old name in the waiting room, or use anything but your new name while interacting with you.  There needs to be some accommodation on both sides during transition while the paperwork catches up to reality.  If you have trouble with your employer, doctor, psychiatrist, councilor or any service provider call our advocates office and we will work with you on how to proceed and accompany you to appointments


Do I have to follow the WPATH/SOC (Standards of Care):
The SOC is a recommendation based on philosophies and ideologies formed with the mental health pathologization of trans individuals.  Whereas the recommendations found in the Standard of Care may be a suitable course for some trans individuals, it also creates distress for others.  We do not believe there is any one way for an individual to cope and handle their dysphoria.  We support your healthy transition and work with you to accomplish what is healthy for you.  We believe that informed consent is the only requirement for any trans related health care.


I have been diagnosed with a mental health condition, can I still transition?
Mental health diagnosis is rarely a factor in transition if you have educated, informed providers in your health team.  Many trans people are misdiagnosed with schizophrenia, bi-polar, personality disorder unspecified and other mental health diagnoses because someone suffering from gender dysphoria can also exhibit symptoms that can be mistaken for personality disorders.  Secondary conditions to gender dysphoria are often depression, anxiety, anger and difficulties with authority. 




In London the Medical, Psychiatric, Social Work professionals work together with the community to provide a complete health care team driven by the family physician and the patient. Alphabet Community Centre trains, advocates and assists the specialists and medical teams in the understanding of Trans Health needs as well informing the patient of the options available to them. ACC helps with referrals and where to get resources and care in a competent manner.

Our health care teams have developed new hormone products and techniques that aid in faster more complete medical hormonal transition. Only developed in London these techniques have been in place since 2007 providing medical transition in 8-15months on average instead of the 3 years on former methods of hormone replacement. Fundamental to the HRT process here is the nasal spray which virtually stops the body from producing any natural hormones. This is used in both the M-F and F-M spectrums of transition. At this point the body is a clean hormonal slate where traditional Testosterone or Estrogen/Progesterone can be introduced without competing hormones.



You are not alone!
One on one support or group is available. We are non- judgemental regardless of history, be it criminal, mental health, medical or any other reason!


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